Renewable Energy

We have a specialized sperate company named Shankar Green Power Private Ltd. ( SGPPL ) engaged in the business of Renewable Energy with particular emphasis on Solar Power. Please visit for more details
Solar Power Plants

We can provide Solar Power Plants with the following features :

  • PV crystalline or Thin-Film Panels.
  • Inverters.
  • Transformers / Balance of System ( BOS).
  • End to end rooftop solar solutions .

'New Life' Solar Street Lighting Systems are energy efficient, reliable, environment friendly and require minimum maintenance. These can be used for lighting streets, roads, highways, industries, institutions, resorts and complexes.

  • Independent stand-alone system suitable for automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  • High efficiency PV modules.
  • Long life electronics & SMF Batteries.
  • Luminaries fitted with  LED Lamps.

New Life' Solar Home Lighting Systems are designed to withstand tough environment conditions and can be used for homes, guesthouses, hospitals, canteens, schools, security rooms, restaurants, warehouses, banks.

  • High efficiency PV modules.
  • Long life electronics & SMF Batteries.
  • Luminaries fitted with  LED Lamps.
  • Protection provided against battery over charging & deep discharging.

'New Life' solar lanterns give pure white light in all directions and are very useful for rural areas where the power supply is irregular and scarce. It can be used as an emergency light source in picnic spots, farm houses, military outposts etc.

  • Gives 3 to 5 hours continuous bright light on a single charge.
  • Robust body with Glass / Acrylic chimney.
  • Provided with long life SMF battery and PV Module.
  • Available in LED Lamps.

'New Life' Solar Water Pumping Systems are ideally suited for agriculture aud related applications such as horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, high value crops, orchards, drinking water and drip-irrigation etc.

  • Available in surface type & submersible designs.
  • Can lift water from the depth of 50 m.
  • Long life without any recurring cost.

'New Life' Solar Water Heating Systems are modular & innovative in design, safe and simple to use. Comes with support frame, normal hardware and connecting accessories.

  • Most suitable for domestic application.
  • ISI certified Flat Plate Collectors Design.
  • Most efficient in solar heat absorption.
  • Available in 100 & 200 LPD capacity

'New Life' Solar Vaccine Refrigerator is designed to store Vaccines at Rural Health Centers where there is no electricity. It comes with adequate capacity PV module, Charge Controller, Batteries, set of cables and operation manual

  • WHO approved design, Fridge and freezer in one cabinet.
  • Ideal for Primary Health Centers and small clinics.
  • High vaccine storage capacity.

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